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for anyone in need of encouragement

Hey lovely! My first semester of college was a continual transition phase, learning curve, and a chaotically beautiful time full of new experiences. However, many times throughout the semester, it was easy to fall into a pitfall of self-doubt, sadness, or fear. No matter what any of us are striving to do in our lives,…… Continue reading for anyone in need of encouragement

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my thoughts on psychology + self-esteem

Hey my lovelies!! I am a double major in Psychology and English, and I wanted to blog about some of the things I’ve been learning when it comes to self-esteem, personality and development from a psychological viewpoint. I’ve been enrolled in a general psychology class this college semester, and it has turned out to be…… Continue reading my thoughts on psychology + self-esteem

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when your dreams change

Hey my lovelies!! It has been such a long while since I updated the blog! I’ve missed writing on it and connecting with all of you, and I hope to be updating it much more in the coming weeks, especially as an upcoming college break is approaching for Christmas. For the longest time (as in…… Continue reading when your dreams change

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inspirational quotes to brighten your day ✨

Hey lovelies!! I personally find well-written quotes and book excerpts to be every bit of what I need to inspire and motivate myself at any given time. If you’re like me then I hope these quotes may brighten your day and inspire you 🌙✨ ~~~ I’ve recently started a second Instagram that’s going to feature…… Continue reading inspirational quotes to brighten your day ✨

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~18 things I’ve learned in 18 years~

Hey lovelies!! I’m now officially and legitimately eighteen years old, peeps!! (Time to start acting grown up and adultish…ahahaha, nottttt). I thought it would be fun to share 18 very random things I’ve learned in my first eighteen years of existence…so enjoy reading and love you all lots XOXO ~~~ Books are entities {and the…… Continue reading ~18 things I’ve learned in 18 years~

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6 simple ways to be healthier + happier

Hey lovelies!! Taking care of myself physically + mentally always positively affects my mindset and everyday life, as many of you can probably concur. Finding the motivation to actually carry out what will make us healthier and happier can be harder though, so here are six very simple ways to start having a healthier, more…… Continue reading 6 simple ways to be healthier + happier

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five things I love about journaling

Hey lovelies!! Journaling has been one of my favorite things to do since early middle school (a stack of old notebooks in my desk drawer is testimony to that). If you haven’t taken the time to ever keep a journal, hopefully this post will interest you in starting one 💕 1. Journaling creates mindfulness Mindfulness,…… Continue reading five things I love about journaling