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what gives you joy?

hey my lovelies!! It has been awhile since I’ve gotten to updating my blog and one thing is for sure, I definitely do not hope to take such a hiatus from blogging again. But that said, I’m seriously excited about today’s blog post. I think it’s topic is something that is so easy to overlook…… Continue reading what gives you joy?


how to sophisticate your style // starter guide to elegant fashion

Hey my lovelies!! Recently I’ve been trying to update my wardrobe by wearing many new pieces and changing my style up a bit. Dressing in an elegant, classy way is very appealing to me so that’s what I’ll be writing about today. Also, to clarify, dressing in a classy and elegant manner isn’t about covering…… Continue reading how to sophisticate your style // starter guide to elegant fashion

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books to read this summer ❤️

Hey my lovelies!! Summertime is the perfect time to catch up on reading take advantage of sunny days at the beach and outdoors to grab a book while enjoying the weather. I hope you enjoy these short(er) books if you choose to read them! ❤️ The Blue Castle L. M. Montogomery This is one of…… Continue reading books to read this summer ❤️

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whimsical & calming music // a playlist

Hey my lovelies!! Recently I’ve been transitioning into listening to more whimsical, calming music whether as background music, accompaniment as I write or for other activities. A playlist like this one helps in creating a calming, peaceful atmosphere in my surroundings, and I hope listening to any of the music in this playlist will do…… Continue reading whimsical & calming music // a playlist

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my thoughts on Avengers Endgame

Hey my lovelies!! I hope y’all enjoy this review! I tried to place a few spoiler alerts within this review; but throughout I do discuss much of what happens in the movie. So if you have yet to watch Endgame, do yourself a favour and click off this post x) Disclaimer: I have not read…… Continue reading my thoughts on Avengers Endgame

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reflecting on my first year of college

hey my lovelies!! Man have I seriously neglected blogging in the wake of my last couple months at college! I have finished my second semester at university, and all I can manage to consider is how impossibly fast my freshman year flew by, and yet how much was packed into the months I was there.…… Continue reading reflecting on my first year of college

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what college has taught me so far

Hey my lovelies!! I’m midway through my second semester of college, and I have no end of things to say about the many failures, successes and everything in between that have occurred since arriving at college. I’m so so excited about today’s post and hope you enjoy reading! ❤ ~~~ You are most likely going…… Continue reading what college has taught me so far