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on simplicity

hey lovelies! It has been a relaxing, lovely morning - cozy in my favorite flannel with hot coffee and my journal, and a warm spring breeze wafting through my bedroom window, I have been embracing the quiet before work later today. Since finishing my junior year of college in late April, I have been discovering… Continue reading on simplicity

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be true to yourself – practice integrity

Happy Sunday!! Its a chilly day in October with snow outside (yesss, SNOW- the Midwest is crazy), so I am appreciating my cozy, warm apartment this afternoon. Hope you all enjoy hearing some rambling thoughts of mine on this topic today. ( : ~~~ What comes to mind when you think of being true to… Continue reading be true to yourself – practice integrity

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The Armour We Wear

Hello my lovelies!! ~~~ We like to protect ourselves-our innate self-defense mechanisms accommodate this need for protection very handedly, allowing us to physically or emotionally seek shelter from a threat to our safety. These mechanisms originated to protect us on a biological level, but can become a hindering roadblock in connecting with other people, especially… Continue reading The Armour We Wear

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you are far more than pretty

Hey my loves!! People, especially women, are held to some pretty impossible standards when it comes to appearance. These conventions and arbituary notions of what beautiful is has embedded itself deeply within societal attitudes, perpetuating the idea that there is one particular way we should all look. "You are under no obligation to look pretty.… Continue reading you are far more than pretty

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some inspirational reminders for 2020

Happy New Year's my loves! I am desperately hoping to keep my new year's goals to a minimum this year (the more resolutions I write down, predictably, the less I am apt to accomplish any of them). While we are all setting goals and making plans for this year of 2020, I think it is far… Continue reading some inspirational reminders for 2020


‘A Quiet Place’ review

Hello everyone!! Typically, I am someone who very stubbornly resists watching just about any horror film-but as I made an exception to watch A Quiet Place-and wanted to also write up a review for the film-hope you enjoy reading a few thoughts of mine on it! In A Quiet Place, and at the head of… Continue reading ‘A Quiet Place’ review

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what gives you joy?

hey my lovelies!! It has been awhile since I've gotten to updating my blog and one thing is for sure, I definitely do not hope to take such a hiatus from blogging again. But that said, I'm seriously excited about today's blog post. I think it's topic is something that is so easy to overlook… Continue reading what gives you joy?


how to sophisticate your style // starter guide to elegant fashion

Hey my lovelies!! Recently I've been trying to update my wardrobe by wearing many new pieces and changing my style up a bit. Dressing in an elegant, classy way is very appealing to me so that's what I'll be writing about today. Also, to clarify, dressing in a classy and elegant manner isn't about covering… Continue reading how to sophisticate your style // starter guide to elegant fashion

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books to read this summer ❤️

Hey my lovelies!! Summertime is the perfect time to catch up on reading take advantage of sunny days at the beach and outdoors to grab a book while enjoying the weather. I hope you enjoy these short(er) books if you choose to read them! ❤️ The Blue Castle L. M. Montogomery This is one of… Continue reading books to read this summer ❤️

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whimsical & calming music // a playlist

Hey my lovelies!! Recently I've been transitioning into listening to more whimsical, calming music whether as background music, accompaniment as I write or for other activities. A playlist like this one helps in creating a calming, peaceful atmosphere in my surroundings, and I hope listening to any of the music in this playlist will do… Continue reading whimsical & calming music // a playlist