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how I style basic tops // fashion inspiration

Hey lovelies!! I think when it comes to many of our wardrobes, we may have a lot of common or basic pieces that can be styled up more than they usually are. When a little effort is put into styling basic pieces, they can look mad stylish and elevate an outfit from basic as heck…… Continue reading how I style basic tops // fashion inspiration

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10 coconut oil beauty uses

Hey lovelies!! Organic coconut oil is antibacterial, inexpensive, and the literal queen of natural glow. It has such a wide range of uses, some of which I’ll be sharing today. Enjoy!! ☺ Brow gel: To use for the brows, coat a cleaned mascara wand in coconut oil, and then sweep the mascara wand over brows.…… Continue reading 10 coconut oil beauty uses

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how to be more of a morning person

Hey lovelies! I’m just the type of person who finds herself feeling most hyped up/productive/inspired the longer I stay up at night-which over time makes the following morning so not something I’d enjoy. But since doing all of the following things, I’ve surprised myself at how much more I enjoy (yes, actually ENJOY) my mornings.…… Continue reading how to be more of a morning person

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three ways you could be damaging your hair

Hey lovelies! While most of us know that too-frequent use of bleach and heat tools on our hair causes damage, there are other less obvious things you may be doing which could be harming your hair more than doing it any good. Please note: I am in no way a hair professional so please do…… Continue reading three ways you could be damaging your hair

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tips & tricks for healthy hair 

Hey lovelies! My hair has gone through a lot of wear and tear in the past, and up until about nine months ago, I wasn’t caring for it well and had really no idea how to. My hair still can get pretty frizzy, but it looks much better than its former version of itself, mostly…… Continue reading tips & tricks for healthy hair 

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25 inexpensive gift ideas // for her 

Hey lovelies! Christmas is now less than two weeks away, and I have tons of Christmas shopping and gift wrapping to do. If you still have Christmas shopping left to do like me, I hope you’ll find this list of inexpensive gift ideas helpful. ☺ (Although this is a list of ‘for her’ gift ideas,…… Continue reading 25 inexpensive gift ideas // for her 

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~my favorite ways to get inspired~

Hey lovelies! Inspiration is the best and brightest way to stay motivated-am I right or am I right? Hehe I wanted to blog today about some of my favorite ways I enjoy finding inspiration, whether for my blog or whatever else I need inspiration for. I hope doing any of these will motivate and inspire…… Continue reading ~my favorite ways to get inspired~