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how to be more of a morning person

Hey lovelies! I’m just the type of person who finds herself feeling most hyped up/productive/inspired the longer I stay up at night-which over time makes the following morning so not something I’d enjoy. But since doing all of the following things, I’ve surprised myself at how much more I enjoy (yes, actually ENJOY) my mornings.…… Continue reading how to be more of a morning person

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my productivity playlist

Hey lovelies! If I’m trying to increase my productivity and feel inspired, I look no further than music. My personal playlists in the past haven’t usually featured music tracks quite like the ones in this playlist, but recently they’ve been really relaxing to listen to. I tune into it whenever I need to totally zone…… Continue reading my productivity playlist

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my favorite romance films

Hey lovelies! Romances, along with dystopian and fantasy, are among my most enjoyed movie and book genres. Watching a beautiful and deep love story unfold onscreen (or through the pages of a book) is my favorite and I usually end up obsessing over it *insert long period of time/forever here* A few of these movies’…… Continue reading my favorite romance films

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my 2018 goals 

Hey lovelies! Setting goals (or resolutions) at the start of a new year always makes me excited and inspires me to take on new challenges. Here are a few goals I’m hoping to accomplish in 2018 ☺ ~~~ Make healthier food choices Sleep 7-8 hours a night Read ten or more books from my TBR…… Continue reading my 2018 goals 

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25 inexpensive gift ideas // for her 

Hey lovelies! Christmas is now less than two weeks away, and I have tons of Christmas shopping and gift wrapping to do. If you still have Christmas shopping left to do like me, I hope you’ll find this list of inexpensive gift ideas helpful. ☺ (Although this is a list of ‘for her’ gift ideas,…… Continue reading 25 inexpensive gift ideas // for her 

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~my Christmas playlist~

Hey lovelies! For those who love Christmas as much as I do, having a good blend of Christmas songs on a playlist or CD is essential during the winter and holiday season. Hope you enjoy seeing what’s currently on my Christmas playlist and perhaps find some new Christmas tunes to listen to in December. #firstchristmaspost…… Continue reading ~my Christmas playlist~

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~my favorite ways to get inspired~

Hey lovelies! Inspiration is the best and brightest way to stay motivated-am I right or am I right? Hehe I wanted to blog today about some of my favorite ways I enjoy finding inspiration, whether for my blog or whatever else I need inspiration for. I hope doing any of these will motivate and inspire…… Continue reading ~my favorite ways to get inspired~