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10 coconut oil beauty uses

Hey lovelies!! Organic coconut oil is antibacterial, inexpensive, and the literal queen of natural glow. It has such a wide range of uses, some of which I’ll be sharing today. Enjoy!! ☺ Brow gel: To use for the brows, coat a cleaned mascara wand in coconut oil, and then sweep the mascara wand over brows.…… Continue reading 10 coconut oil beauty uses

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tips & tricks for healthy hair 

Hey lovelies! My hair has gone through a lot of wear and tear in the past, and up until about nine months ago, I wasn’t caring for it well and had really no idea how to. My hair still can get pretty frizzy, but it looks much better than its former version of itself, mostly…… Continue reading tips & tricks for healthy hair 

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how to clear your skin // my favorite hacks & tips

Hello lovelies! In the past month or so, I’ve been determined to clear my skin of acne and cheek redness, so I’ve been trying a few things outside of my skincare routine recently which can help in doing that. Trying these hacks have been really effective, so I’m sharing a few of my favorite ones…… Continue reading how to clear your skin // my favorite hacks & tips

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DIY overnight beauty treatments

Hello lovelies! Overnight beauty/skincare treatments are my favorite, since they are relaxing to do before bed, and with these I’m sharing today, they are also a fun way to try out some diys for the skin, hair, and face. Hope you’ll enjoy reading and you can give these do-it-yourself beauty treatments a try. (:  ~~~…… Continue reading DIY overnight beauty treatments

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cute & casual OOTD tips

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing a few different tips of mine that I use to create an outfit of the day that I personally like, feel confident in, and that is usually cute and casual. If you enjoy styling outfits or need some #OOTD inspo, keep reading. 🙂 1. Start with a staple or favorite…… Continue reading cute & casual OOTD tips

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organization tips & hacks: my favorite five

Hello lovelies! A few posts ago on my blog, I shared some tips of mine for motivation and inspiration and a lot of you seemed to enjoy that and found it helpful, so I decided to write about a few tips for becoming and staying organized. Hope you enjoy reading! xx Make to-do lists. Ever…… Continue reading organization tips & hacks: my favorite five

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5 makeup & beauty hacks / tips + tricks

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you five of my favorite makeup tips and tricks, which I hope you’ll find helpful! Also, I’m sorry for having missed updating on Friday-I had an extremely busy week and some emotional things going on…but anyways, let’s get into this post! (; ~~~ 1. Use Vaseline to help eye shadow last longer. With a cutip, mix one…… Continue reading 5 makeup & beauty hacks / tips + tricks