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how to clear your skin // my favorite hacks & tips

Hello lovelies! In the past month or so, I’ve been determined to clear my skin of acne and cheek redness, so I’ve been trying a few things outside of my skincare routine recently which can help in doing that. Trying these hacks have been really effective, so I’m sharing a few of my favorite ones…… Continue reading how to clear your skin // my favorite hacks & tips

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DIY overnight beauty treatments

Hello lovelies! Overnight beauty/skincare treatments are my favorite, since they are relaxing to do before bed, and with these I’m sharing today, they are also a fun way to try out some diys for the skin, hair, and face. Hope you’ll enjoy reading and you can give these do-it-yourself beauty treatments a try. (:  ~~~…… Continue reading DIY overnight beauty treatments

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cute & casual OOTD tips

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing a few different tips of mine that I use to create an outfit of the day that I personally like, feel confident in, and that is usually cute and casual. If you enjoy styling outfits or need some #OOTD inspo, keep reading. ūüôā 1. Start with a staple or favorite…… Continue reading cute & casual OOTD tips

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organization tips & hacks: my favorite five

Hello lovelies! A few posts ago on my blog, I shared some tips of mine for¬†motivation and inspiration¬†and a lot of¬†you seemed to enjoy that and found it helpful, so I decided to write about a few tips for becoming and staying organized. Hope you enjoy reading!¬†xx Make to-do lists. Ever since I’ve started creating…… Continue reading organization tips & hacks: my favorite five

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5 makeup & beauty hacks / tips + tricks

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you¬†five of¬†my favorite makeup¬†tips and tricks,¬†which¬†I hope you’ll find helpful! Also, I’m¬†sorry for having missed updating on Friday-I had an extremely busy week and some¬†emotional things going on…but anyways, let’s get into this post! (; ~~~ 1. Use Vaseline to help eye shadow¬†last longer. With a cutip, mix one…… Continue reading 5 makeup & beauty hacks / tips + tricks

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project motivation & inspiration: 4 tips

Hello lovelies! Whether you’re tackling a bucket list, writing a book, creating a blogging series, or¬†trying to (eventually) complete¬†any kind of project, you probably know it can be a bit hard to keep¬†the motivation and inspiration alive for a long-term project. I have many different projects I’ve been working on this summer including a new…… Continue reading project motivation & inspiration: 4 tips

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my favorite healthy hair hacks / top five

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing five of the easiest ways to better care for your hair by utilizing a few hair hacks into your routine.¬†I have been using these hair hacks on a¬†regular basis for quite awhile and have noticed my hair’s frizziness, breakage, and dryness have all nearly disappeared since.¬†Though different people have different…… Continue reading my favorite healthy hair hacks / top five