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10 coconut oil beauty uses

Hey lovelies!! Organic coconut oil is antibacterial, inexpensive, and the literal queen of natural glow. It has such a wide range of uses, some of which I’ll be sharing today. Enjoy!! â˜ș Brow gel: To use for the brows, coat a cleaned mascara wand in coconut oil, and then sweep the mascara wand over brows.…… Continue reading 10 coconut oil beauty uses

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“Beautiful” // book review

Hey lovelies!! I’ve been running my WordPress blog for nearly a year now, and in all that time I’ve yet to share any book reviews. As I’m so bookishly inclined, I think its high time I come at y’all with a book review, right?? 😉 Beautiful, by Cindy Coloma, is the story of Ellie, the…… Continue reading “Beautiful” // book review

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drugstore products for five or less

Hey lovelies! It feels like ages since I’ve last wrote an actual makeup/beauty post on my blog! Here’s to the first makeup post on blogilisciousxoxo for 2018 😉 FYI: The products below typically can be bought for five U.S. dollars or less. The prices I listed for each product are approximate only in the locations…… Continue reading drugstore products for five or less

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three ways you could be damaging your hair

Hey lovelies! While most of us know that too-frequent use of bleach and heat tools on our hair causes damage, there are other less obvious things you may be doing which could be harming your hair more than doing it any good. Please note: I am in no way a hair professional so please do…… Continue reading three ways you could be damaging your hair

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how to become more confident in yourself 

Hey lovelies! I struggled with being self-confident a great deal ever since I became a teenager. In those struggles as an underconfident adolescent, I’ve learned some universal ways to grow in self-confidence. I hope you gain something and learn to appreciate yourself a bit more by reading xxx ~~~ Remember that self-confidence is about both…… Continue reading how to become more confident in yourself 

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DIY lipcare routine for moisturized, plump lips 

Hey lovelies! Its a struggle to keep my lips moisturized this time of year while the temperature continues to drop, as I know it can be for many of us in the fall and winter months. I’ve been using a DIY lip mask and balm which have really helped reduce the amount of chapping on…… Continue reading DIY lipcare routine for moisturized, plump lips