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five things I love about journaling

Hey lovelies!! Journaling has been one of my favorite things to do since early middle school (a stack of old notebooks in my desk drawer is testimony to that). If you haven’t taken the time to ever keep a journal, hopefully this post will interest you in starting one 💕 1. Journaling creates mindfulness Mindfulness,…… Continue reading five things I love about journaling

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goals next year tag // FOLLOW UP

Hey lovelies!! Just about a year ago, I posted a tag which involved three goals which I would revisit the same time next year. I hope you enjoy getting a bit of an update on these goals and where I’m at with them a year later, in April 2018. ☺ (Also apologies for my time…… Continue reading goals next year tag // FOLLOW UP

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drugstore products for five or less

Hey lovelies! It feels like ages since I’ve last wrote an actual makeup/beauty post on my blog! Here’s to the first makeup post on blogilisciousxoxo for 2018 😉 FYI: The products below typically can be bought for five U.S. dollars or less. The prices I listed for each product are approximate only in the locations…… Continue reading drugstore products for five or less

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25 things that make me happy

Hey lovelies! Happiness, for me, comes through the little joys and moments to be found in the seemingly ordinary. I hope you enjoy reading this list of twenty-five things that are among what make me happy. Xxx Jesus Reading books 📚 Journaling Drinking tea or coffee ☕ Writing Listening to music (especially One Direction, Rachel…… Continue reading 25 things that make me happy

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my productivity playlist

Hey lovelies! If I’m trying to increase my productivity and feel inspired, I look no further than music. My personal playlists in the past haven’t usually featured music tracks quite like the ones in this playlist, but recently they’ve been really relaxing to listen to. I tune into it whenever I need to totally zone…… Continue reading my productivity playlist

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how to become more confident in yourself 

Hey lovelies! I struggled with being self-confident a great deal ever since I became a teenager. In those struggles as an underconfident adolescent, I’ve learned some universal ways to grow in self-confidence. I hope you gain something and learn to appreciate yourself a bit more by reading xxx ~~~ Remember that self-confidence is about both…… Continue reading how to become more confident in yourself 

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my favorite romance films

Hey lovelies! Romances, along with dystopian and fantasy, are among my most enjoyed movie and book genres. Watching a beautiful and deep love story unfold onscreen (or through the pages of a book) is my favorite and I usually end up obsessing over it *insert long period of time/forever here* A few of these movies’…… Continue reading my favorite romance films