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17 Things / birthday bucket list

Hello lovelies! Although I typically do not post on my blog on Wednesdays, I wanted to share a ’17 Things’ Birthday Bucket List today since I’m turning seventeen. Basically, its a bucket list with seventeen things I want to do in the next twelve months as a seventeen year old. (: Hope you guys enjoy…… Continue reading 17 Things / birthday bucket list

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Liebster Award

Hello lovelies! Today I’m doing an award/tag post. I’ve been nominated several times for a couple different blog awards/tags, and I decided after being nominated by the lovely Patsy (https://patsyarts.wordpress.com/) for the Liebster Award that I’d finally do one. (: Thanks so much to Patsy for the nomination! You all should check her blog out btw-she’s super sweet…… Continue reading Liebster Award

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my evening skincare routine + 200 blog followers?!

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you all my evening skincare routine. Its pretty simple, but I’ve found has been effective while used on my ultra sensitive, acne-prone skin. I hope you enjoy reading about what I use and how I use it for skincare! xx Remove makeup The first step in my evening skincare routine is to…… Continue reading my evening skincare routine + 200 blog followers?!

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organization tips & hacks: my favorite five

Hello lovelies! A few posts ago on my blog, I shared some tips of mine for motivation and inspiration and a lot of you seemed to enjoy that and found it helpful, so I decided to write about a few tips for becoming and staying organized. Hope you enjoy reading! xx Make to-do lists. Ever since I’ve started creating…… Continue reading organization tips & hacks: my favorite five

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natural bronzer & highlighter + Q & A answers

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing all-natural ingredients that are safe to use on the face and work as inexpensive bronzer and highlighter to create that dewy & glowing look for the summer (or anytime of year). Also, I’m answering the questions those of you asked for my Q & A celebrating reaching 100 blog followers. Thanks to everyone who asked the questions and to…… Continue reading natural bronzer & highlighter + Q & A answers

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DIY lip balm + special blog announcement!

Hello lovelies! While most people try to consistently care for their hair, facial skin, and bodies, lipcare can quite possibly be a whole new matter, but lips are a form of skin that need to be cared for as well. So today I’m sharing an ultra hydrating lip balm you can make, use, and even eat (I found myself…… Continue reading DIY lip balm + special blog announcement!

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3 simple hairstyle how-to’s [VIDEO]

Hello lovelies! If you have growing out bangs, or ever had to grow out bangs in the past, you probably are only too aware of how awkward and inunteresting those half-grown sections of your hair can look. Since I’m currently dealing with this right now, I created a video with 3 super simple hairstyles to hide growing out…… Continue reading 3 simple hairstyle how-to’s [VIDEO]