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Love Defined // book review

Hello lovelies!!

**I received a copy of this book for free to read and then review. All opinions stated below are entirely my own**

Love Defined is a newly released book written by sisters Kristen (Clark) and Bethany (Baird). The book focuses on taking a biblical approach to romantic relationships.

One of the things that stood out to me as I read it was the informal and open style Kristen & Bethany wrote in for this book; it felt more like a kind friend with great advice was spending time with you through the pages rather than Love Defined being a book written by two (perhaps unfamiliar) authors. Many of the chapters explored topics such as physical intimacy, emotional attachment, qualities to look for in a significant other, and so on in different chapters of the book.

However, one of my favorite chapters in it was “Five Strategies For Thriving As A Single Girl.” I loved that in addition to exploring many aspects of romantic relationships in Love Defined, Kristen and Bethany also emphasized the importance of being happy and thriving on our own through Christ, outside of romantic relationships. Its very easy to feel as if being single makes us “less than” or somehow unfulfilled, but that chapter in particular encouraged me to enjoy singleness & pursuing my own aspirations and goals as a single girl. 🙂

Too many times it feels as if society continuingly pushes girls and guys alike into a supposed + constant need for romance, as if relationships concern your societal status rather than your heart. This entire book, though focused on romantic relationships, in no way was like that. Instead, it gave me a new & inspiring outlook on romance and challenged me to be the best version of myself while reading. ❤

As someone who has high hopes of being in a committed relationship with someone who also is a committed Christian, this book definitely encouraged me in that hope. If you’re Christian and/or a girl looking for a biblical approach to romance, definitely give this book a read! {You can order or take a further look at it by visiting the Amazon page for it here}

What are some of your thoughts on this book review or relationships in general, loves??

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16 thoughts on “Love Defined // book review

  1. This sounds like such a good book and an especially needed one too! Do you think this book could be used in a book study? Or perhaps a devotional? My friend and I are looking for a book to go through together so we can grow closer together and to Christ, but we want one we haven’t read before. What are your thoughts on this?

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    1. I definitely think this book could be used to either accompany a themed book study, or as some sort of devotional focused on relationships. The book explores a great deal of topics relating to the spiritual aspects of dating and marriage, and if you preselected various bible verses to go with, it’d be perfect for you and your friend! The book also contains questions at the end of each chapter which would be great for you as well. (:

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