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my everyday makeup routine

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing the makeup products I use and the way I use them to achieve my everyday makeup look. I have pretty much been wearing this makeup look daily for a couple months now. I like how it compliments the color of my eyes and my very fair complexion pretty well.

FYI: I am in no way a pro at wearing makeup-in fact I’m relatively new to wearing anything more than mascara and eye shadow. I just recently started wearing more of it in the past couple months so if some steps in my makeup routine or how I describe applying makeup is unusual that is probably why. 😉

Step #1: Eyebrows. I use the Cocoa Luster Dreamy Eyes eye shadow from Flirt Cosmetics to fill in my eyebrows. Honestly, this shadow was awful as an eye shadow but stays on and does a wonderful job of slightly filling in and coloring my eyebrows. I brush my brows out after filling them with an clean old mascara wand.

Step #2: Skin. I use the Wet ‘N’ Wild concealer makeup/roller stick to apply over the areas of my face that need concealing and then blend with my fingers, focusing on my cheeks, nose, and forehead. Creamy sticks like these are the bomb in makeup and make concealing so easy to do! At the price this concealer is ($2.93 in the U.S.) I’m basically in love with it. 😍

Step 3 Eyes. To start off my eye makeup, I lightly apply a peachy toned eye shadow over my eyelids from the Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment eye shadow palette. I line my undereyes with a black eye shadow from the Wet ‘n’ Wild Steal My Thunder eye palette with a thin angled brush. Next, I create a creamy-based eyeliner for my upper eyes with the blue eye shadow from the Mary Kay pure dimensions palette. I use Maybelline Great Love Waterproof Mascara on my eyelashes. While this mascara isn’t the best at staying on in high temperatures, it does do a wonderful job at voluminizing my eyelashes and the bold black mascara formula does millions to define my eyelashes.

Step #4: Lips. For my lips, most days I simply apply a moisturizing lip balm. (Burt’s Bees lip shine in blush is my favorite.) On days I do wear lipstick I always choose a lighter toned, natural looking pink or nude shade from Revlon or Mary Kay.

Here is how my makeup looks as a final result (:


I hope you enjoyed reading about the steps in my current makeup routine loves! Thanks so much for reading! ❤



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      1. Aww I bet dark brows look really vividly gorgeous tho with colored hair. I understand your struggle though my eyebrows are hard to manage as well

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