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back to school hairstyle ideas // cute & effortless

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing a few hairstyle how-to’s that are great for school or anytime you need a simple and cute hairstyle for the day. My favorite thing about all of these hairstyles is that they look adorable and will work with various hair types (straight, wavy, curly) while creating an effortlessly girly look.

Additionally, all of these looks are meant to be a little messy looking. If your hair doesn’t “stay in place” all day with these styles, it will still look great and possibly even better (which makes these ideal for a day at school or even work). 🙂

 Just to note: I did not make up any of these hairstyles myself but just recreated different hair looks I’ve seen to give you girlies some hair inspiration. xoxo

1. Space Buns

To create some adorable space buns, divide your hair into two sections with a middle part. With about half of the hair on your left side, start wrapping the hair to the left of the crown of your head into a tight bun and secure with a hair tie. To expand the bun, pull gently on your hair and then secure with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side. To frame your face, pull out some hair from the side of your head near your ears.

If your buns turn out ultra messy, that’s totally okay. As you can see from the photo, mine definitely were giving off messy hair vibes 😁

2. Sleek Deep Side Part

For this look, make a deep side part in your hair. On the opposite side of your head, start braiding from above the ear down and creating a braid from all of your hair on that side. Next, when you are finished braiding, wrap your braid around your head in the direction of the deep sided part and secure it with a bobby pin. Your hair is going to stay in place all day with a sleek deep side part! (;

3. Messy Side Braid

To create this classic braided style, create a deep side part just like what you would have for hairstyle #2. Gather all of your hair on one side and began braiding until you are about an inch from reaching the ends of your hair, then use a hair tie to secure the braid in place. Start pulling out hair from the front to add to the messy look and pull gently on the braid to make it appear bigger and messier.

4. Side Pony 

For this look, start by parting your hair slightly off to the side. Starting at the part, began creating a thin braid on the middle top part of your head. When you’ve reached almost the end of your hair, secure with a bobby pin around and at the back of your head. If you have bangs or layers that lay in the front of your face, leave those in front of the braided portion of your hair and then tie your hair in a loose ponytail right above your shoulder.


I hope these hairstyles helped give you some inspiration for how you can wear your hair for school or anytime without being too basic. Have a lovely day rest of your day beauties! ❤



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63 thoughts on “back to school hairstyle ideas // cute & effortless

  1. I’m loving the space buns and the side pony with the little braid. You’re so good with hair, I’ve been out of school for a long time but I’ll definitely be bookmarking this for hair inspiration! Thank you x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh okay. My hair isn’t all that thick either. A trick I like to use when making a bun {or in this case, two buns} is to make the bun, tie with a hairband, then gently pull on the hair to loosen and expand the bun, then secure with bobby pins. That should help (:


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