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my evening skincare routine + 200 blog followers?!

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you all my evening skincare routine. Its pretty simple, but I’ve found has been effective while used on my ultra sensitive, acne-prone skin. I hope you enjoy reading about what I use and how I use it for skincare! xx


Remove makeup

The first step in my evening skincare routine is to remove all of my makeup. I do this with a cotton ball that has been dampened with coconut oil and I basically just run it over my face in circular motions.


I go all over my face with my Mary Kay Cleansing Brush, two to three times. This brush has really helped clear up some of acne and evened out my skin tone since I’ve started using it, plus its really good at removing makeup.

After using my cleaning brush, I massage my face gently with a moisturizing beauty bar to finish off my cleansing for the night.


I definitely don’t exfoliate every day, but twice per week, I use the Botantical Effects mask from Mary Kay to remove dead skin cells, brighten the skin, and prevent my pores from clogging. Unlike a lot of masks and exfoliating products, this doesn’t irritate my skin and is not harsh on it, like other products I’ve tried. So if you have sensitive skin, I definitely recommend this product. (;


Before toning, I rinse my face with cool water to close up my pores. Then I apply my DIY facial toner over my entire face (other than my eyes). This leaves my skin feeling very fresh and dewy, and I’ve noticed over time has helped fade my acne scarring.


As a last step, I moisturize my face with the Clearproof acne system oil-free moisturizer. I only use a small amount, but it definitely hydrates my face, without it feeling oily and limp.


I just realized I mentioned 2-3 Mary Kay products in this post today…so just to let you all know, I’m not sponsored here hahah. I definitely love their products though, since they’re all cruelty-free, they are usually very gentle on my ultra sensitive skin, and work very well. (:

Also, a couple of days ago, ( I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M SAYING THIS) my blog reached 200 followers! I cannot begin to thank you all for following me, as well supporting me through the posts I publish. Blogging is both a passion of mine as well as something that I use to creatively express myself and my thoughts. You all are seriously the best to read, like and/or comment on my blog and support what I love to do. I wish I could give every one of my followers and blogging frens a big hug for the happiness they bring into my life (:





25 thoughts on “my evening skincare routine + 200 blog followers?!

  1. Aww congrats on 200 followers, Veronica! That is absolutely amazing!! ❤ Also you have an awesome evening skincare routine! Sounds like it would be perfect for my extremely sensitive and also acne-prone skin. I used Mary Kay's Botanical Effects products! I liked them 🙂


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