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natural bronzer & highlighter + Q & A answers

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing all-natural ingredients that are safe to use on the face and work as inexpensive bronzer and highlighter to create that dewy & glowing look for the summer (or anytime of year). Also, I’m answering the questions those of you asked for my Q & A celebrating reaching 100 blog followers. Thanks to everyone who asked the questions and to all of you SO VERY MUCH for following and helping me grow my blog. 🙂


DIY Bronzer: Cinnamon

Using ground cinnamon as a bronzer, once blended on the face, is light for a bronzy tone, and by itself probably will be most noticeable on fairer skin tones. I have very fair, almost porcelain toned skin, so this as a bronzer comes out as a golden brown shade blended with my natural complexion. If you have a deeper skin tone, adding nutmeg to the bronzer could darken up the bronzer to blend beautifully with your own skin tone.

Bronzer is a makeup product (that can be bought or made as a powder or cream) to create a natural glowy finish on the face, to contour certain areas, and to intensify natural shadowing. It can be applied to the hollows of your cheekbones, your forehead, jawline, and even lightly onto the bridge of your nose. I find its most evenly & properly applied when put on the desired areas of the face in small amounts and blended out with a fluffy makeup brush.

DIY Highlighter: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil creates a long-lasting shiny glow on the skin, and needs very little of itself to do so. Additionally, its more porous, illuminating and transparent than many commercial highlighters. You can apply with your fingers by using very small amounts on your cupid’s bow, temples, chin, and/or in the area of the face under your eyes (upper cheekbones to hairline) for a dewy and lovely finish to your makeup look.

Blog Q & A answers:

What is your favorite thing about blogging? from CassieMorganM

There is a lot I love about blogging, including being able to write about things that interest me for others to read, as well as just sharing my ideas and thoughts with others, but I’d have to say being able to meet so many people from anywhere in the world and hopefully impact their lives positively is amazing. ❤

What is the one thing you definitely want to cross off your bucket list? from alisonluck

Probably travel to Canada. I know that’s a pretty big thing on my bucket list, but I can’t wait to visit there one day, possibly with my best friend. 😀

What’s your favorite makeup product? from randomthoughtsbyhaya

I’d have to say Mary Kay’s Waterproof Lash Love Mascara. My eyelashes are naturally straight, and any previous mascaras I used failed to keep any sort of curl on my eyelashes. Mary Kay’s waterproof mascara helps my eyelashes maintain a curl all day just the way I want them to while giving my eyelashes definition. I’ve been using it for nearly a year almost daily and I have #noregrets (hehe).

What inspired you to start blogging? from JoSmith

I’ve been trying to regularly keep up with blogs since freshman year of high school, but I basically lost the motivation every time to keep them updated and running. When I started this blog on WordPress, I was determined to keep it going and hopefully gain followers, and I’ve definitely been able to do both of those things and much more. Its wonderful to know that I’ve met so many people on here who I am able to both support and be supported by, and get to know personally. I didn’t realize starting this blog would help me connect with so many lovely persons from around the world, but it makes me doubly happy I did decide to start blogging on here. 🙂

XOXO, Veronica



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