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5 makeup & beauty hacks / tips + tricks

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you five of my favorite makeup tips and tricks, which I hope you’ll find helpful! Also, I’m sorry for having missed updating on Friday-I had an extremely busy week and some emotional things going on…but anyways, let’s get into this post! (;


1. Use Vaseline to help eye shadow last longer. With a cutip, mix one part Vaseline, three parts eye shadow, to make a creamy, longer lasting eye shadow, and then apply with a makeup brush to the eyelids as usual. You’ll notice that your eye shadow will stay on 3 times as much longer than as a powder shadow.

2. Coconut oil as a brow gel. Lightly coat a clean old mascara wand (or brow gel wand) in coconut oil, then lightly brush through eyebrows to keep them in place all day.

3. To define the face, lightly brush a soft shade of countering powder along the upper cheekbones. If you’re not into an entire face contour for the day but just would like to define your face subtly, this simple step will make an amazing difference towards toning your face and just giving it a highly-defined look.

4. Color and shine your lips with a do-it-yourself lip gloss. Put on a light shade of your favorite lipstick (such as Revlon’s Pink Cloud lip shade which I use most of the time while doing this) and then smooth over a clear lip balm such as Burt Bee’s beeswax lip balm or my DIY lip balm. It creates a slightly colored, very natural-looking shine on your lips, while lasting longer and looking better than most lip glosses I have ever used.

5. Define the eyes with eye shadow. Lately, this has been the central step in my eye makeup: with a fine tipped brush, I apply/smudge a deep cocoa-toned eye shadow under and over my eyes just as if I’m applying eyeliner. Doing this will create a soft smouldering eye look that’s more subtle than regular eyeliner on the eyes, while still making your eyes pop.


I hope you’ll be able to use these hacks and you found them helpful! Comment below with any go-to beauty/makeup hack of yours. 🙂




32 thoughts on “5 makeup & beauty hacks / tips + tricks

  1. Hello!

    I like your post, very hand tips that I’ll be sure to keep in mind! Also, I just want to let you know that you won the giveaway on my page! Here is the announcement post!

    Thank you for entering! I tried to contact on your page, but I wasn’t sure if you got it. So feel free to contact me through mine!

    Have a nice day!


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    1. I appreciate you reading it, thank you 🙂
      And oh my gosh that’s awesome! Thank you so very much! I’ll contact you with my info through your blog xx


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