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impossible perfection / beautifully younique: part 2 blogging series

Hello lovelies! First of all, I’d like to apologize for the long wait in publishing this post! I haven’t updated my blog in about two weeks and for that I’m really sorry. But I’m excited to share part 2 of my blogging series with you! I hope you are all encouraged and enlightened a bit by this post & don’t forget to comment with your thoughts on this below 🙂


The chase after impalpable, unreachable perfection. Its real. It can very well be all encompassing. I have seen that desperate, pointless chase in myself, and in those around me. Its as if all too many of us tell ourselves that perfect is the new amazing, the new beautiful, and the totally attainable.

But the truth is that perfectionism is none of those things. It is something that can consume us all up; we hope to be the popular, the incredible, or the ones who never make a mistake.

If you’re seeking perfection in one way or another because you see it in someone else, then what you see is a false image, not a true one. I’ve seen so many girls at one time or another, and just thought: “dang, why can’t I have a life as perfect as theirs? Be as flawless as they? Their whole lives are totoally figured out and happy, while mine can very well simply be a distorted mess.”

But think about it for a second; name one person you know who is absolutely perfect. Someone with no visible flaws, no messiness, disorganization, mistakes or screw-ups in their lives. Although people in my life that come to mind are absolutely amazing, I cant think of a single person I know or have even heard of who is actually and totally perfect.

If we’re choosing to chase after excellence, beauty, and love, than that is something worth chasing afterward for. Those things are wanted, needed, and very attainable. Perfection isn’t. And it won’t ever be, either.

In the past, I’ve wanted to be physically perfect (at the same time I knew deep down it’d never happen); perfect at school, at my writing, and in my relationships with others. With all of that, I have never succeeded at becoming perfect at any of those things. However, when I’ve woken up and realized doing the very best I could at those things, I’ve improved & worked hard at what I want to succeed at & better myself in. I’m not obsessing not over feeling the need to be perfect at everything I do and am like I used to. Becoming a better me in many areas has gone from being an obsessive wish of mine to a healthy goal I’m working towards.

If you think you’re inadequate, feel the need to self-improvise so you’ll become flawless, impeccable and faultless, here are some things I’ve found that have really helped me reject those notions and realize beautiful is certainly not synonymous with perfect:

Embrace your flaws. Cliché, yes. Untrue, definitely not. The first step in self-improvement is to first recognize you’re not perfect and move on from there. So embrace your flaws, if they can’t be helped.

Be the best version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to chase after excellence, improving talent, and becoming the best you possible. That’s realistic (unlike wanting to be flawless).

Also, in addition to the above, don’t look at magazines or other particular forms of media to affirm your doubts about your own beauty or self-worth. If you’re feeling bad or experiencing low self-esteem after glancing at a tabloid, same sista. The truth is such sources are unrealistic and ridiculous. Lots of fake and unrealistic editing goes on behind the scenes in some photo shoots, for example: sometimes whitewashing, airbrushing, etc., goes on to such a degree that its setting a standard that can’t even be filled by the person supposingly in the picture!

Just remember to keep being the best you possible-and that includes accepting all your flaws, all your weaknesses, and all your strengths in the process. But don’t give into obsessively wanting to be perfect-you don’t need to be, you’re already far too beautiful and special to believe that of yourself. ❤

“A real girl isn’t perfect, and a perfect girl isn’t real.” -Harry Styles




4 thoughts on “impossible perfection / beautifully younique: part 2 blogging series

  1. I really love these series you started. Beautifully written again. Everything you mentioned is so true and I’m pretty sure everyone is looking for perfection but they are looking for it in the wrong places. Imperfection is perfect.

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    1. I’m so happy to hear you’ve learned to accept how you are, and its so important to know the value of caring for ourselves. Much love to you beautiful!! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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