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the truth about body image & beauty / Beautifully Younique blogging series: part 1

Hello lovelies! Welcome to Part 1 of my new blog series, Beautifully Younique! This series is going to be aimed for girls of all ages & focused on issues such as self-confidence, body image, individuality, and more! This first part is titled The Truth About Body Image & Beauty, & I hope you guys are encouraged and more self-confident after reading this. 🙂


You’re skinny. You got some belly fat. You need to eat less. Hey there, chubs. Fatface.

What do all of these statements have in common?

For one, they’re all focused on appearance. Secondly, they were all said to me at one time or another. And thirdly, they place an emphasis on what they think my body is (and also isn’t but should be).

Regardless of whether you’ve been criticized or hurt by what people said about yourself physically or not before, you probably realize the immense pressure that is put on girls constantly when it comes to looks and body image.

There’s so much emphasis on looking good and getting the flawless bod that almost anywhere you look (e.g. social media platforms, in magazines, TV, and movies, etc.) there are insane and impossible standards to fulfill. Some girls end up telling themselves that no cost is too great to achieve a perfect body and attempt to match up to those standards. Even if the something is as dangerous as starving one’s self, there have been girls who are ready to do almost anything just to fit a societal mold of what it supposingly means to be attractive.

I’ve even gone to that length. Sometime ago, I begin to pretty much starve my body. I didn’t let anyone know I was eating one small meal a day and water, and that I was hungry all the time. But I felt it would be worth it, if only I attained the ‘perfect’ figure and face.

You see, I thought if I looked absolutely amazing physically, all my self-esteem problems would just fade away. I believed fitting that cultural mold was the answer for me and how entirely inadequate I felt.

But it wasn’t. And many girls who have gone to unhealthy, frightening lengths have realized the same thing.

In beginning to become a truly confident person myself, I’ve realized several things that apply to all girls:

  1. Your facial shape, weight, and body type do not define you as a person. Media and society in general, in many ways, seem to make being a girl or woman as all about having the perfect bikini body, being hot, and always looking good. But there’s so much more about a person than what you can see from the outside.
  2. Keep in mind that its alright, and actually necessary for your health to have some fat on your body. Teenage females should possess a minimum percentage of 13-17 of body fat (for the average female individual, however, person to person body fat percentages are obviously different).  As you get older, the amount of body fat in your body needed for good health increases. So if you possess a certain amount of body fat, that’s not a bad thing! Its one thing to workout and eat healthy to maintain health, but its another to entirely drain your body of fat it actually needs.
  3. There is nothing wrong with just letting go of what our culture pushes as the ideal bod and embracing your own body type, no matter what that type is. I’m slowly reaching this point myself, where I’m not attempting to get an ideal figure. I’m working my best at eating healthy & working out, but I’m not going to starve myself or feel the need to change me just so I’m your ideal-looking, ‘hot’ girl. In the world of people, the term ideal shouldn’t even exist. We as people are unique, we aim for different goals and different things, and we were created differently for a reason.

I hope you all can truly take in from this that you are all lovely cuties, that do not have to ever change how your bodies were made to fit into the narrow definition of beauty that is so often given by media, tabloids, and negative people.

I’m puzzled when I really think about why so many people think that only one generic body size and shape is ideal or attractive for girls (and guys, for that matter). Since when does ‘one size & kind fit all’ apply to body types, face shapes, etc.?

Lastly, its always best to remember that true beauty DOES come from within. Your body shouldn’t define all of you. Its a part of you, but your personality, mind, and heart are also parts of the holistic whole that is you, an extremely lovely & beautiful person. 🙂 ❤

“She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.”

Proverbs 3:15


XOXO, Veronica






7 thoughts on “the truth about body image & beauty / Beautifully Younique blogging series: part 1

  1. What a beautiful post to read. Thank you for mentioning all these because body image and beauty is a very important topic. Everyone should read this blog post!! xxx

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