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DIY salt hair spray

Hello my lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you a super simple DIY salt spray I’ve been using on my own hair & truly loving. This delicious-smelling spray is so easy to make that I’m certain I’ll never buy any commercial salt spray (or even hairspray again, either)! I also love that this salt spray is a DIY (I don’t know about you, but DIY’s for me=fun, fun!) & of course doesn’t contain a ton of nasty chemicals which can potentially damage your hair long-term.

Let’s get into this quick & fun DIY! I hope you’ll enjoy trying this and it proves to be useful for all of you xx


You’ll need:

*1 cup water

*2 teaspoons salt (can be table or sea salt, your choice)

*2-4 drops Essential Oils (Any of the oils you prefer, my favorite for this DIY is lavender or peppermint.)

*1 tablespoon hair gel (This is an optional ingredient, but if you use it, it will make the salt spray even more effective for use on your hair.)

*1 teaspoon olive oil

*Additionally: a saucepan, spoon, bowl & spray bottle.

  1. Bring the water in a saucepan to a rolling boil, then carefully pour into a small bowl.
  2. Gradually add salt, and continue stirring mixture until the salt is thoroughly dissolved.
  3. If you’re adding the hair gel to your spray, mix that in, then add the essentials oil drops & olive oil, and continue mixing until combined completely.
  4. Once the mixture has cooled entirely, carefully pour into a spray bottle, put the lid on top, and shake it up. (Ahh, ahh, shake it, ahh, shake it, ahhhhhh…is it just me singing that while I shake this up? XD )

Once you’re done shaking the spray up in the bottle (and singing) your salt spray is ready to use!

~A few salt spray tips for use~

*Try not to use this spray every single day on your hair. The reason for this is because salt “drinks up” water which it comes in contact with, which will make your hair dehydrated, aka a frizzy, dry mess if a salt spray is used too often. If you use hairspray every day, and want to use this salt spray as a replacement (something I highly recommend to eliminate artificial toxins and chemicals from your body and surroundings coming from the hairspray) make sure you drink extra water & use a spray-on-moisturizing conditioner daily to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

*When you’re ready to use, simply spritz over all the hair you want to keep in place. I find this spray is fantastic for use in keeping curls or wavy hair in place all day-but it really does work just like hairspray for any hairstyle you want to keep hold, which was a lovely surprise for me. Plus, the spray keeps your hair smelling fresh with an essential oil of choice mixed in. 😉

*I find using a spray-in conditioner along with this product keeps my hair in place, but also looking silky and soft (you don’t want a hair/salt spray making your hair dry & brittle!). As I mentioned above, if you can buy some spray-in conditioner or want to make your own, I highly recommend doing that and using right along with salt spray. If you would like me to share my DIY spray-in conditioner in a future blog post, let me know in the comments : )








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