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coconut oil beauty uses

Hello lovelies! Coconut oil has a million little uses, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite beauty hacks/uses for it with you all today. Its my new beauty hack bestie-and I’m sure it will become yours too, after reading about some of these all-natural, inexpensive beauty uses for coconut oil! 😉


Makeup Remover– Coconut oil is actually the only makeup remover I am using at the moment. If you dab just a little coconut oil onto a cotton ball and rub over the area of the face in which the makeup needs to be removed, it will take off all the makeup completely, and I find it also rejuvenates my skin with an all-natural moisturizing boost. It even gets off my waterproof mascara! I think we can all agree that in itself is something we should applaud coconut oil for being able to do. XD

Eyelash Volumnizer- After removing eye makeup entirely, applying a little dab of coconut oil onto a cotton swab and brushing over eyelashes (like you would apply mascara) every day grows out and strengthens eyelashes over time! Coconut oil is amazing for hair growth, and will help grow much more voluminous and long eyelashes if done daily & consistently.

Hair Tonic- I apply coconut oil to the ends of my hair every night before doing my heatless wave routine on my hair or putting it up in a bun. This helps minimize hair breakage, stimulate growth, and creates a natural shine to the ends of hair.

Lip Balm- Coconut oil is a very effective natural lip plumper and balm! I gently rub on a little bit of coconut oil numerous times a day to keep my lips plump, moist, and healthy, and its worked better than any other chapped lip balm I’ve ever used, period.

Skin Moisturizer- A little coconut oil gently rubbed over the skin will not only gently moisturize but also glow your skin right up naturally. I love how my skin looks after using the oil. (Keep in mind it may take a few minutes for this to dry off before you can apply foundation or anything like that-that’s why if you do use this as a moisturizer on the skin, the smaller the amount spread on the face, the better.)


I hope you enjoyed reading about my fav coconut oil beauty hacks! I’m sure you’ll find these as helpful as I do if you decide to implement some of them into your own beauty routine as well. 🙂




15 thoughts on “coconut oil beauty uses

    1. It is awesome! I’ve seen the ends of my hair grow a lot healthier just by using coconut oil on it. Ohh I bet it’d be great for body scrubs, I’ll have to try that myself!


    1. Thank you lovely! x Coconut oil comes in slightly different variations based on how it is processed, but I just like to get virgin coconut oil (no added ingredients), most drugstores, or even many grocery stores, will carry that kind. 🙂

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