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sadness, semicolons, & staying strong

Hello my lovelies!

As sad as it is to say (as it truly is a reality) there is far too much unhappiness/violence/hatred/and just general unkindness in the world right now. Sometimes I stop and ponder about how really messed up the world can be, and how mean some people choose to be, and it saddens me to the point of feeling/getting depressed.

Honestly, the one thing above anything else I really wish for is that everyone in the world would just be happy and feel loved. But like myself, I know there are many people out there who are lonely, discouraged, despairing, hurting, in so so many ways.

That’s why I was inspired to draw a semicolon on my wrist with marker (to create a temporary tattoo) the other day. I absolutely love that there is a tattoo/symbol (the semicolon) that is out there to encourage people with depression, personal problems or suicidal thoughts, so they can feel stronger and realize there’s much more wonderful things out there in life for them than what they’re suffering & dealing with right now. It tells them and us all that our problems are not bigger than us, we have the strength to move forward, and that this isn’t the end of everything, just like a semicolon in a sentence denotes; there’s more coming in life and we can realize it and become filled with hope by symbols such as the semicolon.

If I could get a permanent semicolon tattoo right now, I would. However, my parents are probably the biggest non-believers in tattoos that have ever existed. The mere mention of tattoos sets them off on a bit of a rant. While I believe certain tattoos can be harmful, or wrong to put on your body (think cultish or bad messages, since I’m Christian) there are also definitely good tattoos out there you can definitely get to spread positive, encouraging messages, such as hearts, crosses, quotes, bible verse numbers, and my favorite, a semicolon.

(Though many people bring up bible verse Leviticus 19:28 as proof God doesn’t want us putting tattoos on our bodies, they forget that the time God commanded that was when people were engaged in heathen practices, adoring false gods, and mutilating their bodies in unhealthy ways. Getting a cross or something positive put on your arm, leg, or wherever is quite different from being a Christian & putting cultish or Satanic tattoos on your arm. I like to call Christians who have a phobia against any and all tattoos as experiencing #tattootaboo. Lol.)

Until I’m older, perhaps in college, I won’t be able to get a tattoo. Even then, I’ll have to be careful because when/if my parents ever found out, they’d be incredibly upset, so I doubt they will ever understand my real reasons for getting one.

But anyways, the temporary tattoo I created was a heart I drew, with a semicolon in the bottom right half. I took a picture of it with one of my favorite quotes (EVER) from a friend. This friend actually wrote this quote down and gave it to me quite awhile ago on a lil piece of paper, but I’ve kept it displayed in my room ever since. I love the simple but enkindling message about being strong that is just SO important to remember. ❤


As you may have read in my last blog post, I did mention that lately I haven’t been doing well emotionally. Some people in my life have personally really pulled me down, so I’ve been an odd combination of happy and sad, joyous and angry the past couple weeks. I’m at an in-between stage in life right now (or so I feel) and the negativity that’s been handed out definitely hasn’t helped my crazy emotions in the least. However, things like the above message ^ and just drawing a heart with a semicolon as a temporary tattoo, is encouraging. Not exactly in itself for me, but what it symbolizes is a really big thing that invokes inspiration and hope. It proves I can really can continue fighting, somewhere deep inside I do indeed have the strength to carry on, and that I can get through all of this.

Just like what the semicolon tattoo artistically expresses, this isn’t the end for me. Neither is it for you; there’s always something more to keep your hopes up in and about, something more that is wonderful but undiscovered God has planned for you.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

-Jeremiah 29:11




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