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I tried a new hair growth hack (and this happened)

Hello my lovely frens!

So lately I’ve been doing A LOT of research on how to grow my hair out. My hair is below my shoulders as of right now, but I really want to grow it out to my hips, or even longer, if I could to get what I like to call ‘mermaid’ hair. Who hasn’t gone on Pinterest and seen those thick, voluminous (and messy!) fishtail braids that make girls look like mermaids or princesses and wanted hair like that??

Obviously getting ‘mermaid’ hair is not the only reason I want to grow out my hair, I also think I’d really enjoy having that much hair to style in so many different ways or just wear down. In fact one of my absolute favorite Youtubers is Vivian V, and guysss, if you’ve never watched any of her vids, PLEASE GO WATCH HER RN. Her personality, her videos, and omg HER HAIR is absolutely gorgeous! Its super long and she’s basically one of the cutest lil Youtubers (and most genuine of them) I’ve ever seen. ❤

Anyways, I’ve been trying to figure out how to grow out my hair, without it taking, like, until I’m out of college ( XD ) so I’ve been going crazy eating a ton of protein-rich foods, trying all these insane hair hacks, and one of these hacks include the hair inversion method.

Every night, right before I go to bed now, I do the afore-mentioned. xD (And this is what happened.)

Btw: if any of you haven’t heard of the inversion method, its simply sitting upside down on your head in some position for a few minutes each day to bring greater blood circulation to your head and scalp, promoting faster hair growth. 😉

The first night I tried this method I was a tad stressed out (alright, more than a tad) so I decided to put One Direction music on while I tried this hack. (I miss my boys a lot and listening to them is the best kind of therapy in existence anyhow.) I laid my head as upside down as possible over my bed. Almost immediately, I began to feel a bit dizzy, but not so much that it got me feeling sick.

GIRLIES, I cannot tell you how ABSOLUTELY RELAXING THIS WAS…the last thing I expected was for a tested-n-true hair growth hack to be was therapeutic. But that’s just what it felt like…therapeutic.

I actually haven’t been doing all that great emotionally lately, and the fact that this happened was the most unexpected thing, but also the best. I literally want to do this…well, let me say for more than the recommended daily time (5-10 minutes).

It was rather surreal and just so different to be literally upside down with my fav band having blared in my ears, blowing away negative everythings and the whole experience just gave me a sense of great calmness and “my entire life isn’t totally screwed up right now after all” feeling. Somehow listening to the music and seeing the world upside down, disoriented me, by seeing things and feeling emotions so differently, but it was also soothing. Its not an alarming disorientation, at least it was not for me; it was simply a way to disconnect from all my problems and enter a world previously unexplored by myself. (If none of that makes sense, I’m sorry; I’m afraid my ramblings as a writer can get far too abstract.)

I’m not sure if its just weirdie me coming out, enjoying something like this so much, but honestly, it was trying out this hair hack was one of the most soothing, stress-relieving, amazing end-of-day experiences I’ve had in awhile. I guess its just the feelings, both physical and emotional combined, that helped me forget myself, or more accurately, my problems, for a few minutes and just drink in the music and the relaxing happiness the whole thing produced within myself. Its really strange to have felt all this when I was just trying to chill and grow out my hair, but it happened hehe.

So, if any of you lovelies are looking into growing out your hair: tune into your fav relaxing emotional music, grab the headphones, and try the hair inversion method nightly. You may be surprised it will turn out to be much more than a hack to lengthen hair. 😉



P.S. I have no idea how weird this post may be for you all to read-I think it came out in words far stranger than I meant it to sound. But let me know what you think in the comments on what I related here. 🙂



7 thoughts on “I tried a new hair growth hack (and this happened)

    1. Hehe yes you do understand! I felt so strange while doing it until I realized how calming and relaxing it was. And I think it has…along with implementing a few other things into my haircare, my hair has grown quite a bit since publishing this post. xxx

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