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self-confidence & being you

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been thinking about the issue of self-confidence lately, a lot. I have felt myself become much more confident in my own abilities and just who I am as a person tremendously over the past few months. Though I still struggle with doubting myself, rolling the idea around in my head on just how ugly I look at times staring into that mirror, and other (I’m sure, relatable) struggles, I’ve slowly and surely come to realize  that I’m not perfect, but God has made me the way I am, flaws and all, for a reason, and He loves me for me, so why shouldn’t I too?

But even if I am really progressing in my journey to becoming a confident girl (something I’ve NEVER been before) it still hurts to see close friends, girls I know, or any person by chance that I meet, still calling themselves ugly, unattractive or unbeautiful.

Its as if so many girls see that they are different, and they hate it. They don’t want to be different. They struggle within, deciding if fitting in is what they want versus standing out. Its as if all us ask this question, at some point in our lives, in choosing who we wish to be more:

Should I choose to be what society deems ‘beautiful’ or should I simply embrace the way I really am?

First of all, let me please tell you all *insert confident-loud-speaker-voice here:*


Anyone, and I mean, ANYONE, is perfectly capable of being both beautiful and different, or rather, simply themselves. I think we’re all asking ourselves the wrong question when we wonder if we should choose to be who ‘we are’ or what our world considers beautiful, “popular,” or attractive.

Therese Martin, more commonly known as St. Therese the Little Flower, was a young woman in her early twenties when she wrote about people being different but equally loveable in God’s eyes and in the world in her autobiography ‘Story of a Soul.’ She compared the persons around her, different in their own right, to various kinds of flowers: gorgeous lilies and roses, lovely wild flowers. Though she lived well over a century ago, I think her analogy is still relevant today, and not only that, I think it was something spot-on for all time.

[As cliché as it may sound] I believe its time we recognize the power in truly being ourselves, believing in our dreams, striving to reach for the stars and in touching the high sky above us.

And if you think something like “well, ‘truly being me’ is kinda cringeworthy because I’m weird or dorky or different-” just no, STOP. Whoever you are is the way God made you to be-and I can assure you even the most ‘normal’ of people have their little dorky/cute/quirky habits that are a part of themselves. We’re all different in our own ways as human beings, but also, strangely at the same time, we’re intrinsically similar.

The bottom line is this: unique, dear girlies, is BEAUTIFUL. Weird is AWESOME. Self-confidence is AMAZING. And you, lovely person reading this, is wholly and entirely BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING no matter WHO YOU ARE.

Embracing yoself and who you are means you can be fully you, confident in how God has “fearfully and wonderfully made you.” And when you shine as yoself, you’ll be confident, amazing, and inspiring in who you are to others, being the person God created you to be, capable of many wonderful things.

Lovelies, its time you truly realize that you can choose to be beYOUtiful! You all are unique little flowers that are equally, but distinctively, loveable and amazing. ❤

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw within you.”

Song of Songs, 4:7









15 thoughts on “self-confidence & being you

  1. You posted this exactly when I needed it the most. Such a lovely post and I agree with everything you said. God created us in the way we are, He does not make mistakes, He loves us and we should appreciate and thank Him for everything! 🙂 xxx

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    1. I’m SO happy to hear this was so relevant for you rn. 🙂 Thank you so much! And yess, exactly! We are all unique little lovelies that were made in special and very much loved. ❤ xx

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  2. This is beautiful. It’s so candid and real, and I could feel the emotions pouring from this post. Having someone like you who motivates and inspire people to love themselves are truly inspirational 🙂 More posts like this please!

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